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Restaurace Výtopna - Palladium pizza
Na Poříčí 1079, Praha 1
Pizza od:   145 Kč (Margherita)
Rozvoz pizzy
Po-Ne 10:00-22:00
Telefonní číslo
778 542 375
Restaurace Výtopna v Palladiu se bude líbit vám i vašim dětem! Pizzu i nápoje vám rozveze náš vláček. Pokud nemáte čas si u nás "pohrát" dovezeme vám pizzu a nápoje až domů (autem :)). Rozvoz po Praze je za 59 Kč, při objednávce nad 500 Kč je ZDARMA!!!

Podmínky rozvozu jídel a pizzy

Rozvoz pizzy Praha 59 Kč
Čas doručení 60 minut
Minimální objednávka 199 Kč

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Lenka S.
Railway food delivery is unusual, besides this is average place with no extraordinary, but expensive meal.

Onur G.
Only trains are working, rest of the restaurant is just worthless.

Francesco Paolo F.
Go for the dark Lager (Mazut)

Radim S.
Just get drinks and watch the trains but dont eat, soups were extremly salty, pork steak very dry, burgers OK, but buns not good. Definitely price of food is way overblown for what it is.

Good vibes, average food

Heavy local food, old design but funny train with drinks.

Szymon K.
Worth to step in for the experience. Fair Warning - only drinks come in trains. All the food is hand delivered by your waitress. Trains stop for only 20 seconds so take care while taking photos.

Ricardo R.
Very good and original place to drink some beers and have a great time with friends and family

Marina Maki 🐬
Hmmm you pay ticket to enter in restaurant!??? 25 ck?? And food is so bad and they have only Krusovice beer??? No big NO !!!!

Amal A.
The idea is unique, but the food is tasteless

Thanks F.
On top of what we requested, the train brought some other orders. It was a bit confusing.

Thanks F.
Trains look funny but service could have been a bit better.They may add ice to cider instead of lemonade and deny such a mistake. Overall, some staff could have been a bit more polite.

This is the worst place I’ve ever been :) all the tables are empty but they still say “no free place” somehow we manage to find a table, but the food was terrible. Don’t go in! Don’t even try!

Kjartan A.
model trains and beer

Really interesting restaurant, very tasty ribs and salad vith chicken❤️

Ján J.
My today visit was the last ever. We were 4. After 30min we left. No one came to take order and we were just witnessing pure horror happening at other tables. Wrong orders, trains with wrong drinks...

Wen V.
Place out of the ordinary to go for a beer, a very fun and special concept to deliver beer, the only thing is that charge € 1 per person sitting, the pizzas are very good and also good price

Robert D.
Book the place to avoid the queue. The waiters are friendly and cold drinks come by the train. Must see in Prague! Also good prices!

Александра .
Trains make a mood

Kamil R.
Real dissapointment for me. Poor offer, liw quality food and standard drinks for non stndard prices.

libor r.
Mostly for tourists

Dmitry K.
Restaurant for 1 visit to see the train bringing beer. Menu limited to some pizza of average taste.

Meltem K.
Enjoy with your train delivered meal.

Jan P.
Nothing really special. Less than average. Service is terribly slow.

They are charging an admission fee just to sit down. Long delays for food and drink. Cool concept but now poorly executed.

Levent E.
Enjoy delivery of drinks with railway system. Food is ok

Elizaveta L.
Horrible first impression from the restaurant employee, who shouted at us when we were waiting for our table. We left the place right away... Abysmal customer service

Max S.
Rude attendant, very unpleasant experience, we asked for a table and were basically told to leave if we do not have a reservation.

J B.
Poor service when the place is full.

David F.
Trains are quite fun,beer and food is so-so, service painfully slow and not very nice. For one-time drinking evening it's doable but that's about it.